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Mastering the Numbers Game: Growth, Grit, and Gauging Success w/ Tim Moy

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Welcome to the Building the Premier Accounting Firm podcast with Roger Knecht. Today Roger is joined by Tim Moy, CPA, as they delve into the nuances of building a successful career in accounting. From his humble beginnings to his ascent to partnership at a prominent firm, Tim shares the principles that guided his professional journey.

Key Themes:

Career Evolution: Tim gives Roger some background on his professional trajectory, detailing the transition from a small firm to becoming a partner in a larger organization, with several stops along the way.

Core Values:  Tim explains why he sees humility, respect, relationship-building, and the significance of honest feedback as pillars for success in the accounting sector.

Overcoming Challenges: Roger and Tim discuss the importance of personal adversities that professionals may face and how these can be catalysts for business growth.

Relationship Emphasis: Tim emphasizes the importance of nurturing client relationships and leveraging the supportive network within the accounting community.

Strategic Practices: Insights into proactive commitment management, delivering outstanding service to internal clients, and strategic industry practices such as tracking leverage statistics and focusing on human capital leverage.

Technological Integration: The episode explores the impact of ERP systems and APIs on the accounting industry, highlighting how these technologies can optimize timesheets and project management.

Performance Metrics: The discussion underlines KPIs and ratios that are critical for effective staff management and measuring financial performance, including the metric of dollars billed per partner hour.

Addressing Staffing Issues: Solutions to tackle staffing shortages, such as remote employee management, offshoring, and targeted recruiting, are examined.

CPA Firm Management: Tim Moy shares valuable insights from his own experience in running a CPA firm, dealing with smaller clients, and the initial hurdles of starting a business.

Support During Growth: The value of having a robust support system during phases of growth is underscored, highlighting the benefits of mentorship and community.

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