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The Story Behind The Center

Pastor Jose Pye is a Dominican Haitian living in the Dominican Republic. He visited the Anamuya area about 12 years ago. At that time, it was a place that was looked down on. The pastor had a vision in which he was told that through his ministry, the sun will shine in this area. He started a ministry with his wife. They initially were caring for many orphan children, but then in 2014, their building was tragically burned down, and they have not had a structure that can serve the community since then.

Pastor Jose Pye, his wife, and other adults in this community will serve the daily needs of the community through this Center. Our non-profit organizations will also continue to oversee, advise, and mentor the local leaders to help ensure the childrens’ needs continue to be met in the most effective ways.

The purpose of the center is to provide a refuge that empowers Haitian children with the resources they need to realize more of their potential in life.  Most of these Haitian children are lacking educational and career opportunities. The Center will also serve as a school, a church, and a place to feed some of the children.

The primary goal is to connect these under-privileged children with a caring community that can provide them with resources which will enable them to have a better life. 

As our relationship continues, we hope to offer sponsorships, sustainable programs, English lessons, computer skills, and learning skills to make products that can be sold locally.

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DR Community Center Location

The Center is located in the town of Anamuya on the east side of The Dominican Republic.  The primary focus on helping Haitian children and adolescents in the area.

The children being served are displaced children who come from a variety of backgrounds. While The Center is not an orphanage, some of the children are orphans with no family support. There are some children who may have a parent or family member who is not involved in their lives and not providing any support. Some belong to families who are migrant refugees who have come to the Dominican Republic seeking safety from heavy violence, corruption, or earthquakes in their home country of Haiti.

The center is now helping over 100 children. As the project continues throughout the future, we anticipate that many more children will benefit from The Center and its resources over time.

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