Becoming the Disruptive Accountant w/ Futurist Daniel Burrus

Overview: Becoming the Disruptive Accountant w/ Futurist Daniel Burrus In this episode, your host Roger sits down with Daniel Burrus, a renowned futurist, keynote speaker, and business strategist, to discuss the secrets of anticipating change, using it to create a competitive advantage, and becoming a

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Welcome to Building The Premier Accounting Firm Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth. Each episode is a conversation filled with tips and tricks to help you apply the principles of M.A.P. as they relate to starting and building a successful accounting business.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of the Industry with Building the Premier Accounting Firm Podcast

Starting and sustaining a successful accounting business requires a lot of learning and near-constant effort. That’s why Universal Accounting Center President Roger Knecht started the Building the Premier Accounting Firm podcast.

Every week, Knecht sits down with an expert in the accounting field, often owners of their own firms, and takes deep dives into a specific issue business owners face. From leveraging your social media accounts to effectively market your services to clients, to maintaining lasting professional relationships with clients, Knecht taps into his decades of experience in the accounting industry to help you optimize profits at your firm.

Knecht provides timely tips and weekly advice for navigating changes in the industry in each episode. Learn from the best minds in the industry with Knecht each week by subscribing on LinkedIn, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or YouTube.

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