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The Evolution of Outsourcing in Accounting w/ Laurence Whittam

Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht

President of Universal Accounting Center

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Welcome to another episode of the Building the Premier Accounting Firm podcast, where we dive into the trends and transformations bookkeeping, tax and advisory business owners need to know. Today, we’re joined by Laurence Whittam, the Chief Outsourcing Officer at Impact Global Solutions, who brings a decade of rich experience in the outsourcing industry, focusing on accounting firms in the US.

Main Themes:

  • Evolution of Outsourcing Mindset:
    • Laurence shares his observations on how the perception of outsourcing has changed from resistance to acceptance over the years.
    • He discusses the shift from having to convince firms to outsource to now educating them on best practices.
  • Role of the Chief Outsourcing Officer:
    • Importance of this role in navigating cultural differences and communication barriers.
    • Laurence talks about his responsibilities in assimilating remote workers into a company’s culture and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Challenges in Outsourcing:
    • Insights into overcoming cultural differences and communication issues.
    • The necessity for internal support and clear operational frameworks.
  • Financial and Efficiency Benefits:
    • Discussion on how outsourcing can lead to significant cost savings and efficiency gains.
    • The positive impact of offshore staffing on a firm’s bottom line.
  • Cash Flow Management:
    • The critical nature of managing cash flow in the accounting industry.
    • Laurence underscores the importance of a solid business plan for accounting professionals.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):
    • The role SOPs play in successful offshoring efforts.
    • Tips on how to maintain quality and consistency with a remote workforce.
  • Communication with Offshore Staff:
    • Strategies for effective communication to bridge the gap between domestic and offshore teams.
    • How good communication contributes to the success of outsourcing partnerships.
  • Demand for Accounting Services:
    • Analysis of the growing demand and how outsourcing can help meet these needs.
    • Exploring the potential for expansion and scalability through offshore staffing.
  • Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner:
    • The benefits of partnering with reputable outsourcing providers.
    • Laurence shares his criteria for selecting the right partner for accounting firms.

Listener Engagement:

  • The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to share their experiences or questions regarding outsourcing.
  • Laurence encourages firms to reach out to Universal Accounting for further guidance on implementing the principles discussed in their businesses.

Final Thoughts:

As the podcast wraps up, Laurence Whittam emphasizes the strategic value of outsourcing for accounting firms looking to thrive in a competitive global market. He provides actionable insights and real-world advice for businesses ready to embrace the power of a global workforce.

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