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At Universal Accounting Center®, we coach small  accounting business by providing them turnkey solutions to build a successful business with the competence and confidence to gain more profitable client portfolios. With the help of our skilled team of coaches, you can borrow our expertise as you build your own.

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Wether you are looking to get certified, start your own business, or grow an existing visit, let Universal help you reach your professional goals today. With help and support from our team of experts, you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Universal Accounting® programs are delivered through rich and engaging training videos, so you can get the skills to advance your career in a way that fits your life and learning style. Lessons can be reviewed as much as necessary and you can fit learning around work, family, and other responsibilities. No commute, no strict schedule, and no campus fees.

Get the skills you need to advance your career, without spending years or even months in school. This highly focused program was developed to give you the skills you need to succeed with no unnecessary filler. This program can be completed in as little as 3-6 weeks
As a UAC graduate, you’ll have the skills to build your career and even start your own business – but you’re far from on your own. You can feel confident knowing you’re backed by experienced professionals who are happy to help, even long after you’ve finished your courses.

Our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee –  We’re so confident in our programs and their ability to provide the instruction, hands-on application, and on-going professional guidance it takes to help you succeed, we guarantee it or you get your money back. See Terms & Conditions.

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We believe that your success comes first. That’s why we have a variety of free resources available to you. Here you can find access to the tools you need to become a business first responder.

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