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Do you want to maximize your ROI on your training program?   So do we. That’s why Universal’s Expert Coaching Staff is the keystone of your training program.

The Value of A Coach

Coaching Is Critical To Success

We are creatures of habit, captives of our own inertia. While we may want to change, it’s not long until our habits lure us back to our comfort zone and we let ourselves off the hook. We set New Year’s resolutions to change and by January 10th we resort to our old ways. This is why such a small percentage of our intentions translate to new habits and powerful behaviors.

While change may begin in our minds, we must alter our behavior to really change our lives. To change our lives from where we are to where we want to be, we must do things differently.

The inertia of habit that holds us captive is best challenged by an outside force. Universal Accounting Center’s® coaching is that outside force that holds us accountable and empowers us to change our ways of thinking, of feeling, of doing.

What Is A Coach?

Our Experts

Roger Knecht

president Of Universal Accounting Center

Roger Knecht can help you develop a team of committed individuals for success and profits using a proven system. Using an interactive process he enables attendees to specifically learn how. Each attendee will leave with actionable goals that will improve communication in the company, customer satisfaction, and bottom line profits. As President of Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) Mr. Knecht is a favorite presenter at Universal’s seminars, combining wit and wisdom in sharing the principles of business success. Mr. Knecht has extensive experience in marketing and management with corporations of all sizes and has successfully implemented the principles of growth he speaks about. Allen Bostrom, former President of UAC, says, “Roger’s professional abilities and enthusiasm for Universal Accounting have been critical to the growth of the company during the past dozen years. Had it not been for Roger’s contributions, we would not be where we are as a company today.”

Rick Howard

Structured Power Coach

Rick Howard Structured Power Coaching for Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, Universal Practice Builder, Profit & Growth Expert & Value Builder. Rick has served as our Business Coach with a passion to delight and serve our students. He helps new students set goals and arrange their schedules to complete their training. His role to help the student is crucial during the first 30-45 days of enrollment. It’s in that time that he helps them with their testing and certifications as they finish their programs. Rick has extensive knowledge of the academic systems behind our student portal, Rick has been instrumental in the development of our structured coaching program for students, working with Universal Accounting to develop the Universal Practice Builder Program, and directly with students to field test the principles and practices for attracting and converting clients by becoming a profit and growth expert. Rick has presented to accounting professionals throughout the United States and Canada on how to start and grow their own successful accounting practices.

Clay Neves​

BizBench Implementation Coach

Clay Neves is a 12 year veteran with Universal Accounting Center and has worked with students throughout the United States and Canada to grow their practices. He oversaw the growth of Universal’s seminar channel nearly ten-fold and oversaw the enrollment call center before taking on the implementation of BizBench as a new product, as well as webinars, virtual conferences, and other R&D projects. He has been involved at the executive level in using key performance indicators to identify trends, problems, opportunities and business solutions. He is a past Chamber of Commerce executive and knows how to help small businesses. With over 30 years of sales and marketing management experience, he can help you implement business assessment and evaluation, as well as coach you on how to attract new clients, increase retention, and expand your consulting income.

Adam Syvock

Academic & Firm Coach

Adam works with Universal Accounting’s PB students regarding questions about the curriculum and real-world accounting situations. Adam is a graduate of Universal Accounting’s PB program himself, and also holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In addition, Adam also uses his skills as a profit and growth expert to run his own accounting practice. He is also QuickBooks Certified and is working towards his Enrolled Agent (EA) designation to be able to help small businesses with accounting and tax.

Ken Bostrom

Color Accounting Expert & Academic Coach

Ken Bostrom has been an instructor, coach, and officer of Universal sector for nearly three decades. He has seen Universal Accounting Center grow from a small local brick-and-mortar accounting training school to an international provider of cutting edge, online certification training for accounting professionals to start and grow their own bookkeeping, accounting, and tax practice. Ken is the author behind our Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, as well as it’s annual updates. You could say Ken wrote the book on how to use QuickBooks to get more done in less time and to become a Profit and Growth Expert. He is a certified Color Accounting instructor, QuickBooks Specialist, and a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Veronica Wasek, CPA

Virtual Bookkeeper Roadmap Implementation Coach

Hi, My name is Veronica Wasek, a Certified Public Accountant, and a certified Advanced QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. I am the founder/CEO of VM Wasek, a successful cloud accounting, and bookkeeping business. I am also the founder of 5 Minute Bookkeeping. I’ve been named a Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor (worldwide) and a Top Accounting Influencer. I am a member of Intuit Corporation’s exclusive Trainer/Writer network. My goal is to help bookkeepers and accountants minimize the time and effort spent on bookkeeping and maximize profits. If your goal is to start or grow a bookkeeping firm or add bookkeeping to your accounting practice, then we’re a perfect fit. As much as I love accounting and bookkeeping, I love teaching even more. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can build a thriving practice without the guesswork.

Erin Moger

Profit First Professional Implementation Coach

Erin Moger supports the implementation of Profit First with over twenty-five member accountants, bookkeepers, or coaches…every week. A specialist in the Profit First proprietary cash flow tools, branding and marketing materials, and its constantly expanding set of resources, Erin is the “go-to” expert on the Profit First team when it comes to giving our members the advantage over the competition. Erin has been with Profit First Professionals for the entirety of her professional career (and we hope to keep it that way). Erin has degrees in marketing and accounting. Her passion is to help small businesses succeed because good money management can and will change your life!

Jennifer Capener

Student Orientation Counselor

Each student is assigned upon enrolling and Orientation Counselor to help them on-board and navigate this new chapter in their life. For more than decade Jennifer has worked with individuals to make this a pleasant and rewarding experience. As a successful accountant and bookkeeper she can related and help on many levels to ensure success when completing the programs.

Aja Jadama

Senior National Enrollment Director

For more than a decade Aja has worked with accounting professionals to help them individually move forward in their careers. Whether it is skill training to get that next job, receive a promotion or have the premier accounting business she is committed to listen and understand each person’s goals to help identify their next steps. Helping individuals start and build their accounting businesses with confidence and competence is her expertise.

Jonn Tam

Value Builder Customer Success Manager

John Tam has coached and consulted clients in over 20 countries working with reputable hotel chains like Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide & Accor. As a Customer Success Manager at The Value Builder System™ he brings global best practices building value and developing a plan to help enable your business to thrive. John received his Bachelor of Business Management from Western Sydney University and also earned his Marketing Diploma.

Robyn Mons

Universal Accounting LIFE Coach

Robyn Mons is a certified Life Coach, aka “the mind ninja” to her kids, helps business professionals learn how to manage their brains so they can create desired results in their lives and in their businesses. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the challenges that come with balancing work and life and the mental blocks that keep you from taking action. Robyn believes that your brain is the most powerful tool you have on the planet and that learning how to manage your brain is the most important thing you can do to create the lasting results you want in your life, including your business. Using the latest, cutting edge tools in the industry combined with her ability to connect and lead with compassion, she has helped many people succeed in achieving goals beyond what they thought possible. Her greatest joy is to watch her clients blow their own minds and fulfill their potential.

Curtis Sweson

Universal Accounting LIFE Coach

In 1997 Curtis read a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. That was the beginning of his transformation. Louise Hay’s philosophy was very different from the things he learned growing up. Applying the principles that she taught brought powerful changes to his life. He wanted more so he attended training in San Diego to certify as a Louise Hay Teacher and Coach. The things he learned there have been more useful to him than his undergraduate degree in Psychology. He immediately began building a coaching clientele and leading workshops to show others how to love themselves.

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