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How to Simplify Accounting Concepts to Better Communicate with Your Clients w/ Anish Baheti

Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht

President of Universal Accounting Center

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Overview: How to Simplify Accounting Concepts to Better Communicate with Your Clients


Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Anish Baheti


This week Roger has a fun and compelling conversation with accountant and author Anish Baheti. Anish shares his journey of becoming an author and why he is now an educator who seeks to simplify complex concepts to his students.

Anish shares how he managed to simplify Accounting concepts using a card deck and how accountants could use the same card trick with their clients and as a result stand out and help their clients feel comfortable with accounting.

Roger and Anish also share their journey’s to finding their purpose and why it is important for all of us to find our purpose in life.


About Our Guest: Anish Baheti


Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Anish Baheti is an award-winning author and a purpose coach to professionals of all walks of life. He’s often heard saying that God has been kind in showering him with two skills – Simplifying the Complex and Inspiring the Uninspired.

As the Founder and CEO of Train My Brain® (IND) & Concepts Coach® (AUS), Anish has delivered thousands of entertaining, energizing, and engaging sessions. Helping educational institutions, corporate offices, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and athletes alike, Anish has formed a lasting presence in the world of life improvement.

Anish is passionate about simplifying the complex by creating an experiential learning deck of 52 cards, making meaningful interactions with the audience, and helping them connect the dots, all of which make him a much sought-after speaker. Listeners love his bite-sized practical strategies that they can apply both personally and professionally.

Anish shows each participant how to delve deep into oneself and reconnect with what matters most, so they can lead a life by design and not by default. His signature program, The Life Deck® (52 cards from ‘needs’ to ‘purpose’) captures the journey from self-inquiry to self-realization beautifully and can be implemented by anyone in a self-paced way. The Numbers Deck® is another fun program to teach Accounting to Non-Accountants in less than 90 minutes just by making them play with a deck of 52-Cards.

After spending his early life in India, Anish lived in Australia, becoming familiar with reliable, lasting brands as their success became his own. Not all victories were immediate, however. His life has dealt him many challenges, but now that he can reflect, his growth and success are more rewarding than he had ever imagined. His life’s journey has now brought him to a place where he can help others overcome their struggles and have the life they dream of. He has a limitless appetite for helping others maximize their potential and his work continues to touch audiences from every walk of life.

Anish earned his Chartered Accountant degree from ICAI and his MBA from the University of Technology, Sydney. He’s also a Certified Life Coach from Australia and a Certified Brain Mapping Practitioner from the UK. Anish’s honors include winning the Outstanding Leadership Award in Las Vegas USA in 2022, being voted as one of the winners of the Education and Training Award in Australia and has been named to BW Education 40Under40 list in 2020. Train My Brain® has also won the Best Companies Award in Dubai UAE in 2022.



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For listening to this episode Anish is sharing with us his online training for which is the Accounting for Non-Accountants (on-demand video course) using a deck of 52-Cards.  It’s The Numbers Deck which can be found HERE.  Go now and save 25%.

In addition, you’ll also want to experience Color Accounting. This course is helps individuals learn the accounting model in a fun interactive way.  It is used by both accounting professionals and business management to understand and communicate more effectively when it comes to discussing the language of business.


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