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Meryl Johnston’s ‘Just Do It’ Approach to Starting a Business & the 7-Day Start-Up Methodology

Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht

President of Universal Accounting Center

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Overview: Meryl Johnston’s ‘Just Do It’ Approach to Starting a Business & the 7-Day Start-Up Methodology

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Meryl Johnston

In this engaging episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm,” your host Roger Knecht sits down with Meryl Johnston, a Chartered Accountant, investor, and the visionary founder of Bean Ninjas. Join them as they dive deep into Meryl’s remarkable journey, unveiling the secrets behind her thriving accounting firm and her invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The episode begins with Meryl sharing her inspiring accounting journey, revealing the pivotal moments that ignited her passion for the field. Meryl candidly shares how she started her company Bean Ninjas, the challenges she encountered, and the invaluable lessons she learned while establishing her business.

One of the highlights of the podcast is Meryl’s captivating account of the “7-Day Start-Up Methodology,” the very strategy that enabled her to secure her first client within an astonishingly short span of time. Learn the invaluable tips and tricks on how to kickstart your own business efficiently and effectively.

Meryl narrates her path to finding her niche, and sheds light on why she eventually specialized in e-commerce. Merely and Roger break down some of the advantages of niching, as Meryl provides valuable advice to entrepreneurs seeking a focused direction for their businesses.

Meryl discusses the process she underwent transitioning into a part-time role in her company, and how she aptly prepared her clients for her absence. Listeners will benefit from her expertise in handling business continuity and client relations.

The episode also delves into Meryl’s unique approach of granting her employees equity in the company, offering a fresh perspective on incentivizing and nurturing a dedicated team.

For those looking to enhance their marketing strategies, Meryl shares insightful tips tailored to new accounting businesses. Her candid revelations about marketing mistakes she encountered along the way will resonate with entrepreneurs striving to grow their clientele.

Not only that, but Meryl also divulges her go-to lead-generation strategies, equipping listeners with powerful tools to expand their customer base.

As the conversation takes a personal turn, Meryl bravely recounts her battle against cancer, sharing her journey of resilience and the profound lessons she learned during that challenging time. Her experience offers wisdom and encouragement for others facing adversities.

Offering sage advice for entrepreneurs considering stepping away from their businesses, Meryl’s wisdom on maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life will resonate with listeners seeking a harmonious work-life integration.

The episode concludes on a high note as Meryl introduces her very own podcast, “Lifestyle Accounting,” explaining its purpose and how it complements her mission in the accounting world.

Meryl provides intriguing insights into international markets, offering keen observations on bookkeeping and accounting nuances and commonalities across borders.

Tune in to “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” with Roger Knecht and indulge in an episode brimming with entrepreneurial revelations, business acumen, and the spirit of perseverance.

About Our Guest: Meryl Johnston

Meryl is a Chartered Accountant and investor.

She founded Bean Ninjas in July 2015 with $1,000 following the 7 Day Startup methodology. Now 8 years later the company operates in Australia, the US and UK and has a distributed team of 30 people.

After 6 years as CEO, Meryl stepped into a part-time advisor role at Bean Ninjas and has a leadership team running the day to day operations.

She is now focused on her podcast, the Lifestyle Accountant Show, and investing in businesses in the accounting industry.

On the weekends Meryl can be found surfing at a local Gold Coast beach or hanging out with her partner and two daughters.


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