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Unlocking Your Business’ Potential with Brand Messaging & Brand Clarity w/ Jeffrey Shaw

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Overview: Unlocking Your Business’ Potential with Brand Messaging & Brand Clarity w/ Jeffrey Shaw


Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Jeffrey Shaw

This week on the Building the Premier Accounting Firm podcast, Roger Knecht interviews entrepreneur, author and Key-note speaker Jeffrey Shaw.

Jeffrey shares valuable insights on what it takes to make the mental shift to become an entrepreneur. He breaks down the lifestyle elements of the self-employed and entrepreneurs and dispels the common misconception that entrepreneurs have no boundaries between their personal and business lives.

He also delves into branding, as he provides expert advice on the role entrepreneurs play in shaping the image of their businesses. Jeffrey stresses the need for accurate brand messaging and how to communicate effectively with your ideal clients.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding your clients’ values, and he shares insights from his books, “LINGO,” and “The Self-Employed Life.” Jeffrey also covers other critical topics, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to build a successful accounting firm or any business for that matter.

Take your accounting firm to the next level or launch a successful business, listen to this episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” with Roger Knecht and Jeffrey Shaw and get ready to be inspired and empowered!


About Our Guest: Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw is often described as an authority and advocate for self-employed business owners, valued for his actionable and “in the trenches” approach to achieving business and life success. Why shouldn’t he be? How many people can say they’ve never worked for anyone else?

Selling eggs door-to-door at 14 years old led to a lifetime of self-employment. In his twenties, he built a portrait photography business and became one of the most sought-after portrait photographers for affluent families in the U.S. for more than three decades. His portraits have been on the Oprah Show, CBS News, featured in People and O Magazine and hang at Harvard University.

Today, Jeffrey is the author of LINGO and The Self-Employed Life, host of The Self-Employed Life podcast with nearly two-million downloads, and founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute.

His TEDx Talk is featured on, he’s a LinkedIn Learning instructor, contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and speaks at association events, entrepreneurial groups, and conferences.

Jeff coaches self-employed business owners and those looking to leave their corporate job to create the life of their dreams by building a successful self-employed business.

He likes to connect with self-employed and small business owners who are ready to ditch choosing between personal happiness and business success, corporate folks who want to do more purposeful work, and event planners looking for an in-person or remote speaker who can engage with audiences, empowering them to create the life and business they want.



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