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Breaking Free From The Imposter Syndrome w/ Trokon Pope

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Roger Knecht

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Overview: Breaking Free From The Imposter Syndrome w/ Trokon Pope

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Trokon Pope

Think of it, finishing college, working within the community, and then starting your accounting business.

Trokon shares with Roger what it took to get the confidence and competence to start the accounting business.  He points out the 3 things that made the difference to insure his success in the first year.  It’s like a franchise without the royalty fees.

Trokon is quick to point out that getting clients is priority #1.  Hear the mantra he uses to stay focus and make sure it is a win/win relationship when working with a client.

In the process the discuss the Imposter Syndrome and how he was able to work past it to offer his clients the quality accounting services he knows they deserve and get paid what he is worth.

This is a fun and informative episode you don’t want to miss.

About Our Guest: Trokon Pope 

Trokon Pope is the owner of TRP Accounting Services LLC located in Hightstown, NJ. Trokon is a Certified Professional Tax Preparer, Profit & Growth Expert, Intuit QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, Certified Life and Business Coach, and Fathom Advisor. He is a father of three, soon-to-be four, loving boys and the husband to his life partner Deyonna Pope, who is the co-owner of C.O.D.E. 2.0 located in Burlington, NJ. He graduated from Thomas Edison State University located in Trenton, NJ in 2020 with his BSBA in Accounting Studies and opened TRP Accounting Services in September of 2020 which in its first year of operation generated over $60,000 in gross revenue. TRP Accounting Services currently offers bookkeeping, tax planning/preparation for business and individual income tax filers, monthly expert consultations, and many more accounting services. He currently is the Northern Regional Director of Partnership for Successful Living which is a not-for-profit that provides Support Coordination Services to individuals born with a developmental disability. He has been in leadership positions for over 15 years and excels at creating efficient workflows, policies, and procedures. As an accountant, Trokon enjoys working with small to medium size businesses that provides services. His goal is to assist new and current business owners with getting a better understanding of their business’s financial position so they can make better business decisions.



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