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Begin With The End In Mind w/ Tyler Otto

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Overview: Begin With The End In Mind w/ Tyler Otto

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Tyler Otto

This is an episode you don’t want to miss.  Tyler has a fascinating story to share.  From the stable corporate job to joining the wife in her accounting business.

Roger and Tyler have so much to cover as they discuss:

  • Developing a virtual accounting business, never meeting the client and many of the staff in person but working with them remotely
  • Prequalifying potential clients for consideration.  Although he runs a virtual business he still understands is needs to be personable and based on relationship building
  • We all know this, finding quality staff is a challenge but then we also need to train, manage them while bringing them into the company culture.  Listen as Tyler shares his onboarding process with new employees using a system that is recorded and set for every employee experience.


Now let’s talk tech stack, what are the tools to consider in the business to work efficiently and be productive. But what does a successful virtual accounting business look like:

  • Of course we need to offer quality accounting services along that include CFO advisory for the clients to be a full-service accounting firm.
  • You need to consider niching the services offered, picking an industry and then you’ll realize the benefits it brings to the firm and the clients.  Hear the 3 things Tyler feels it helps you achieve!
  • When it comes to marketing he makes a great point, ask yourself how does marketing compare to fishing, knowing the catch and using the right bait?


Tyler’s advice, beginning with the end in mind.  What are you really trying to accomplish?

  • Define your scope of services and be willing to say no!


In this episode they also does how accounting is changing but not going away, this is still and always will be relationship based.  Just remember to adjust your mindset from a large corporate world to running a small business.

You’ll want to hear this amazing discussion with a successful accountant.

About Our Guest: Tyler Otto 

Tyler D. Otto along with his wife Karen are the owners of Specialty Bookkeeping, LLC, where he has developed a winning formula for an innovative, virtually based accounting and tax firm. His company leverages technology to simplify client’s financial processes, creating greater visibility into their financials and driving profit. He has extensive experience in the finance side of the hotel and tourism industry where he has also served as the Corporate Director of Finance with Imprint Hospitality in 2020. His primary focuses include database architecture, Visual Basic scripting, Forecasting,

Budgeting, and Data Mining. His recent activities include doing large financial system migrations for several companies spanning the hospitality to the construction industry. 

Tyler has a passion for team development and promoting fun and collaborative cultures. He believes that a dedication to continuous improvement and learning is the backbone of any successful venture. He loves helping clients make more money. His career has been focused on serving as financial analyst and business partner, helping business managers make strategic decisions that will grow their business for years to come. Tyler is a fanatic about making new relationships and collaborating with others on large projects. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife Karen and two children. When he’s not geeking out in Visual Basic, he’s found in the woodshop doing any number of woodworking projects, or on his road bike.



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Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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