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Let’s Get More Referrals w/ Stacey Brown Randall

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Overview: Let’s Get More Referrals w/ Stacey Brown Randall

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Stacey Brown Randall

Stacey and Roger have a great discussion to remove some of the fog surrounding marketing and sales efforts to grow your business and get the clients you deserve.  As accountants we can track out efforts, the Return On Investment (ROI) based on time and money, so what should we be doing?

From prospecting efforts to referrals, this is a thought-provoking discussion that you don’t want to miss.

Listen and find the holes that may exist in your marketing and sales process so you can plug those holes and get the clients you deserve.

It’s time to leverage the power that comes with a referral.  Get better qualified introductions and more of them applying these principles that Stacey shares.  These are actionable things that we can do today and build into our business sales process.

You’re going to love this.


About Our Guest: Stacey Brown Randall

Stacey Brown Randall is the multiple award-winning author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, host of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast and national speaker. She has had the privilege of helping well-known corporations and franchises, but her focus is on small business owners, solopreneurs and sales professionals. Stacey’s programs are uniquely tailored to help you take control of your referrals, your client experience and crush your goals. Stacey has been featured in national publications like Entrepreneur magazine, Investor Business Daily, Forbes, CEO World, Fox News and more. She received her Master’s in Organizational Communication and is married with three kids.



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Take advantage of Stacey’s FREE, 9 Question Referral Ninja Quiz – or

  • See how you can climb the 3 levels to become a master level referral generator


As you work hard to get the contacts, prospects and referrals learn what you can do to leverage a tech stack to manage them.  There are proven processes you can follow to nurture your leads to become you new clients.  This is a webinar you don’t want to miss.  REGISTER NOW and see how you can automate the steps to build your business with the accounting and tax clients you deserve.


For Additional FREE Resources for accounting professionals check out this collection HERE!


Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.


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