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Yep, from Bartender to Tax & Accounting Specialist w/ Alyssa Lang

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Listen as Alyssa shares her story along with the lessons learned to build a successful accounting business.

Alyssa and Roger discuss the unforeseen challenges and the corresponding solutions to address each.  From workflow, systems to client relations and everything in between.

Consider this, finding someone to be front facing and interacting with clients in a way that meets our expectations and standards can be a hard, but they do exist.  We can build a business that thrives without us working within it doing the day-to-day tasks.

Sit back and enjoy the conversation in this next episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm”.



Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Alyssa Lang 


Alyssa, aka the Workflow Queen, teaches bookkeepers and accountants how to utilize tech and automation to create better workflows, systems, and processes. As a result, they can run their practices on autopilot, stress less and save time!


After being in the accounting world for five years, Alyssa struggled with streamlining her practice. She felt frustrated and nervous and couldn’t sleep at night not knowing where her client work would come from. She was overwhelmed by all the daily tasks, lost track of work and just couldn’t keep up.


Alyssa hit a wall and decided to make a change, so she started to automate her practice by creating workflows, systems, and processes. She was then able to run her practice and take on more clients, scale and provide excellent service in the process! These days Alyssa’s a full-time educator. She’s also an Asana Certified Pro and her courses and resources have helped hundreds of bookkeepers and accountants worldwide!


Fun fact: Alyssa’s a certified skydiver and is obsessed with great white sharks + is mildly OBSESSED with Deadpool!




Universal Accounting Center

  • Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth.



Click HERE to register for the Breakthrough for Bookkeepers & Accountants group coaching program that will begin its first cohort on November 1, 2021. This program is meant to help bookkeepers and accountants to scale bigger, hire better and breakthrough to the next level. We will be providing weekly coaching calls with myself and my team, there will be a program included, homework reviews, detailed assets to use to build next level systems and operations for their firm. The intention of this program is to help gear them to creating a firm that can run without them.

Also learn more about the tech stack you should be using to effectively market your business to get the clients you deserve.  Attend this information packed webinar which is the Turn-Key System to get tax and accounting clients.  In it you will learn how to leverage your online presence to get new clients.  There is a Turnkey Business Plan for accounting professionals to help you run a success Virtual Bookkeeping business.



For Additional FREE Resources for accounting professionals check out this collection HERE!


Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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