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Helping Business Owners Go From A Job To A Lifestyle w/ Ken Mann

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Overview: Helping Business Owners Go From A Job To A Lifestyle w/ Ken Mann

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Ken Mann

There are 3 key elements when explaining accounting services so that business owners can understand the value of the work we do, and Ken helps us understand why we need to emphasize each of them in our marketing.

As Ken and Roger speak, we are also reminded that this is a personal business.  Even more important than the accounting skills we use to take care of our clients it’s the relationships we build that are equally important.

Consider this, Ken shares an interesting perspective, think of tax like this: “Taxes I like the report card on the test you took last year.” So with that in mind, how do you work with your clients to help them score the best they can year after year.

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About Our Guest: Ken Mann

Ken Mann, along with his wife Gina Mann, EA, CFP®, own Freedom Financial Solutions LLC. Ken is a Profit & Growth Expert, helping his clients to increase their profits, reduce their taxes, so they can have money in the bank when they need it. Ken and Gina specialize in small business 100% accounting and IRS/NYS tax problem representation. Ken is an Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in both the desktop and online versions. Ken does private QuickBooks training, company setup, and specializes in catch-up and cleanup projects.




Universal Accounting Center

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In the episode we heard Ken share they have been leveraging Facebook to grow the business and get clients.  It’s intentional and deliberate. Just this last year, 40%+ have come from Facebook alone.

Learn more how you can use social media to get the tax and accounting clients you deserve.  Understand how an effective accounting tech stack can help you automate the process and manage the leads you receive through the nurture process to become paying clients.

See what an effective Accounting CRM looks like!


Attend this Strategic Webinar TODAY!

This is just part of the journey of becoming an Accountrepreneur.  Ken was great at sharing his journey from tax specialist to becoming a bookkeeping and QuickBooks Specialist.  See how this also applies to your journey as you build the premier accounting business in your area.

Also, join the community of accounting professionals within Facebook in this closed group, the Accounting & Bookkeeping Tips group.



For Additional FREE Resources for accounting professionals check out this collection HERE!



Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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