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Simplifying the Accounting Model for the Entrepreneur w/ Femke Hogema

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Overview: Simplifying the Accounting Model for the Entrepreneur

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Femke Hogema

Femke Hogema returns to discuss with Roger the power of numbers in business.

Consider the benefits that come when helping clients manage their businesses with budgets and forecasts. It’s helpful to show clients the consequences of their decisions using a proforma.

They also discuss the mental and emotional elements that affect decisions being made in the business.

Accounting is more than being compliant.  It is helping the business owner manage by the numbers to make more informed business decisions as they run their companies.  By doing so the business can be more profitable when working with the accounting profession.



About Our Guest: Femke Hogema

Femke Hogema started her career as a financial controller for a large international company. She loved figures and the clarity that figures provide about a company’s health. But she also saw that entrepreneurs don’t like figures, controllers, bookkeepers, or accountants.

Entrepreneurs find figures boring, complicated, and theoretical. So, she started her company, Healthy Finance, to close this gap between entrepreneurs and figures, and to help entrepreneurs get a grip on their numbers.

She gave lectures and training courses, wrote the bestsellers:

  • Financiën voor zzp’ers (Finance for solopreneurs),
  • The Profit Advisor, Ondernemen in Crisistijd (Doing business in times of crisis) and recently:
  • Profitable Plans. Femke also contributed to the Dutch edition of Profit First.

Femke makes figures fun, practical, and accessible, and in the course of ten years
she inspired tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to build a financially healthy and profitable business.

Since 2017, Femke has focused on training accountants and bookkeepers to become Profit Advisors (through Profit First Professionals Netherlands). She teaches accountants and bookkeepers so that they can, in turn, support entrepreneurs in growing a financially healthy and profitable business. Femke loves to teach clients to build their own profitable company which will yield more pleasure and satisfaction.

Femke was featured as a financial coach in a popular TV show on National TV.

In 2019 she wrote a number one bestseller Winstgevende Plannen (Profitable Plans). The book reached a number one position in the Dutch National Management Book Top 100 within one and a half weeks after publication and kept that position for 28 days. This bestselling book is now available worldwide, titled: Profitable Plans.

She gives keynotes in both the Dutch and English language about The Profit Advisor, Profit First and Profitable Plans.


Universal Accounting Center

  • Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth.



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Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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