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Leveraging Technology to Improve Client Relations with Chris Farrell

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Overview: Leveraging Technology to Improve Client Relations

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Chris Farrell

As we work with our accounting clients, we need to consider their experience with us.  It begins with the onboarding as a new client but then continues month after month as we help them find value in the information we provide.

Listen as Chris Farrell and Roger discuss that experience and how accountants can improve it for the client using technology.  Consider the example Chris shares as he references what we are all familiar with when it comes to the banking industry.

It’s time to consider ways to update your client interaction and retention.



About Our Guest:

Chris Farrell is the CEO of Liscio, a software company that develops Client Experience software for accountants. Prior to Liscio, Chris served as the CFO of a NASDAQ-listed company and as an auditor for Arthur Andersen. He earned his MBA at UCLA his CPA license in California. Chris lives with his wife and son in San Francisco, California.


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In a spirit of sharing, Chris invites you to reach out and speak with him directly.  Each week he speaks with various owners of accounting businesses.  As such he’d be happy to listen and offer advice to help you in your business:  [email protected]


Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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