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Leveraging a Proven System with LinkedIn to Get New Accounting Clients with James Molfetas

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Overview: Leveraging a Proven System with LinkedIn to Get New Accounting Clients

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: James Molfetas

As accounting professionals, we prefer proven turnkey process and systems so when it comes to marketing and sales, we strive to find a method we can rely on to grow the business with new clients confidently.

Listen as James Molfetas and Roger share their thoughts and the journey each has take to find the process that works best to bring on new clients.

James is fun and great to listen to so sit down and have a note pad handy to capture your thoughts to apply this in your business.


Meet Our Guest: James Molfetas

James is a chartered accountant who left the accounting profession in 2011 to concentrate on Internet marketing, which is the process of selling goods and services online.

In his 30-year financial career, he was a financial director in both private and listed companies as well as a partner in a small 3-partner audit practice.

James in an international number one best-selling author of marketing books helping accountants to get more clients and sell more products and services by leveraging the internet.

He has an international number one bestseller called “Accounting Clients on Tap” and just recently “Regular Clients from LinkedIn” also became a bestseller.

James has been an entrepreneur all his life.  He started selling oranges he picked from a tree in his back garden to passers-by when he was 8 years old. He went on to establish a number of flea markets and craft markets where he helped thousands of traders make a living.

He also established his own brand of 10-DVD rental stores which he sold before the industry collapsed.

Today he coaches accountants how to get a minimum of 2 new clients every month by using his proprietary “Regular Accounting Client Blueprint”.

He does regular webinars teaching his methods in South Africa, the UK, Canada and the United States.

James is the CEO and Founder of the training and sales funnel implementation company, Regular Clients.

He used to be a provincial chess player in his youth and loves performing magic tricks for and with his two kids.


Universal Accounting Center

  • Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth.

Regular Clients

  • Accountants, Auditors, Bookkeepers, Tax Practitioners and Financial Advisors… Get a Minimum of 2 New Clients Every Month. Forever!



Become a Profit & Growth Expert, see what you can do to address the most common challenge business owners face which is cash flow management with confidence offering quality advisory services to help you get paid what you are worth.  Learn how to compliment your quality accounting services as a business coach, apply proven marketing and sales strategies to get paid what you are worth.

Get a FREE copy of each of the two books all accounting professionals should use to offer trusted strategic advisory services and get paid what they are worth.  These are must-have additions to every accountant’s library to provide the value clients look for today:

Take advantage of James’ offer and get your copy of his new book ( to market your service using LINKEDIN.

Remember this, if it’s about accounting, its Universal.

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