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The Value Builder Certified Experience

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What You'll Learn

PREREQUISITE: Enrollment in the Profit & Growth Expert program which includes the Introduction to the Value Builder program The Value Builder System is designed to create a additional value added service to your traditional accounting services as a business consultant. Future enrollment in SmartStart (RocketLaunch, and CoachMaster) directly with The Value Builder System™ to become certified is encouraged.

Earn your certified Value Builder™ designation and create a recurring revenue stream for your accounting firm. The Value Builder System is designed to provide you with a valuable skill set to add to your list of accounting services. As a Certified Value Builder, you’ll have access to a suite of marketing resources to help you stand out as a premier accounting firm. You’ll also have access to Practice Builder, our free one-on-one training program designed to kick start the growth of your value-building business.

This self-paced course was created online so that you can learn when it is most convenient for you. If you have thirty minutes to spare between meetings, you can work through a module. With only 16 modules of training to complete, you can become a Value Builder in no time.

Course Description

Course Overview

The VB designation provides you with following:

There is an ONGOING LICENSEE FEE to receive continued access to the Value Builder lead warming / nurturing tool and coaching.

Your Enrollment Includes

Convenient At Home Learning

This program is delivered through easy-to-follow instructional videos and workbooks. You’ll have the flexibility to complete the courses on your own time, in a way that fits your life. Even though you may be training from the comfort of home, you are far from on your own. You’ll have access to the support of knowledgeable accounting coaches and mentors who have their own successful accounting firms along with other experienced accounting professionals.


Coaching Philosophy

How To Run A Meeting

Key Driver 1: Financial Performance

Key Driver 2: Growth Potential

Key Driver 3: The Switzerland Structure

Key Driver 4: The Valuation Teeter Totter

Key Driver 5: Recurring Revenue

Key Driver 6: Monopoly Control

Key Driver 7: Customer Satisfaction

Key Driver 8: Hub & Spoke

The Scalability Trifecta

Dependency Score

LTV:CAC Calculation

The LTV:CAC Calculator Tool

The Positioning Planner tool

The Switzerland Structure

The Valuation Teeter Totter tool

The Importance of Getting To Why

The Envelope Test

How To Use a Value Builder Engagement For a Client


The Total Team License includes the following (Please note that in order to access the full set of tools included in the Total License, an advisor must pass the Certified Value Builder™ exam at the end of the on-line training program.)

Join our online community of collaborative professionals who support each other’s success while championing entrepreneurial financial health from the inside out. Our Facebook Forum is our private, members-only page. It is actively monitored and support by both the staff at HQ and your fellow PFP members.

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Online & Live, the opportunity to attend the LIVE VB training will be available for an additional cost. Please contact UAC for details.

Each licensee will receive training from the Customer Success team and will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Meet Your Instructors


John Warrillow, Instructor

Toronto-based John Warrillow is your instructor and the author of The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry. He is also the founder of a subscription based business The Value Builder System. John Warrillow has more than 20 years of research experience into the small and medium business market. As the founder of The Value Builder System, a cloud-based assessment tool that business owners use to assess the “sellability” of their company, he has helped more than 47,000 business owners to improve company value by up to 71 per cent. Named one of the “Top Ten Business-To-Business Marketers” by B2B Marketing, John’s expertise ranges from entrepreneurship, sellability, and the benefits of subscription-based marketing to build — and sustain — success.

Laura Ferguson, Value Builder Director of Customer Success

Laura Ferguson holds a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University as well as a Certificate in Human Resources. With a decade of experience in training, onboarding and customer satisfaction, Laura looks forward to helping make your use of The Value Builder System™ a success. Laura’s responsibilities include: training new advisors on our platform, questions about the portal, best practices for sales/marketing and to brainstorm the most effective ways of leveraging The Value Builder System™ in your business.

John Tom, Value Builder Business Coach

John has coached and consulted clients in over 20 countries, working with reputable hotel chains like Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide & Accor. As a Customer Success Manager at The Value Builder System™ he brings global best practices building value and developing a plan to help enable your business to thrive.

John received his Bachelor of Business Management from Western Sydney University and also earned his Marketing Diploma. John is an identical twin based out of Toronto, enjoys reading on the beach and yoga.

Roger Knecht PB, VB, and President of UAC

After using the Value Builder system Roger had helped to grow Universal Accountings business consulting services (Universal Business Builder, a division of Universal Accounting Center) to work with owners of various industries. He’s seen companies go from being in the RED, to being “in the BLACK,” as well as going to market and being sold.

Roger is your coach to help you apply these principles within your own business as well as help you marketing, enroll and fulfill these services with your business clients. It’s time to apply these principles within your business AND provide these services to your clients. Become a certified Value Builder provider.

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