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From Panic to Empowerment: Revolutionizing HR for the Heart-Centered Workplace w/ Candice Elliott

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Welcome to the Building the Premier Accounting Firm podcast, where host Roger Knecht dives deep into cutting edge strategies for owners of accounting businesses. In this episode, our esteemed guest Candice Elliott, a seasoned Fractional CHRO and an HR mentor, shares her personal journey and the valuable lessons learned from her career in the field, including personal struggles with work-related stress and panic attacks. Here’s what we cover:

  • Candice’s Personal Journey: Hear about how Candice’s experiences with workplace stress led her to found a company dedicated to improving HR practices for small businesses.

  • Challenges for Small Businesses: Roger and Candice discuss the unique hurdles small businesses encounter, especially in adapting to remote work environments, and how these can be managed through effective HR strategies.

  • Mental and Social Well-Being: Candice talks about the crucial role of HR in addressing and supporting employees’ mental and social health, ensuring a more productive and engaged workforce.

  • Impact of Technology: The conversation turns to examine how smartphones and other technologies have disrupted workplace productivity and traditional skills, as well as their effects on human interaction and mental health.

  • The Role of Human Interaction: Emphasizing the importance of maintaining personal connections in a digital world, Candice provides insights into fostering meaningful workplace relationships.

  • Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace: The significance of mental health is brought to the forefront, with discussions on providing support, the benefits of destigmatizing therapy, and encouraging personal growth among employees.

  • Employer Responsibilities: Candice and Roger underscore the importance of employers being vigilant and responsive to their employees’ needs and knowing when to seek professional help.

  • Resources for Business Owners: The episode concludes with Candice pointing listeners to free mental health resources that business owners can utilize to support their teams.

Stay tuned to the end for some powerful takeaways and actionable advice from Candice Elliott on how to create a healthier, more supportive work environment for everyone. Don’t forget to subscribe and join us next time on Building the Premier Accounting Firm.

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Remember, addressing mental health is not just good practice; it’s good business. Until next time, keep prioritizing your employees’ well-being for a stronger and more resilient workplace.



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