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Bridging Accounting and Real Estate: Mark Kappelman’s Journey

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Overview: Bridging Accounting and Real Estate: Mark Kappelman’s Journey

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Mark Kappelman

Welcome to another captivating episode of Building the Premier Accounting Firm. In this episode, we delved into the remarkable journey of Mark Kappelman, an entrepreneur whose path has intertwined with the worlds of accounting, real estate, and business.

Mark’s story begins with a pivotal realization during his formative years – the profound understanding that accounting is the fundamental language of business. This epiphany served as the initial spark, propelling him onto a career path in accounting, one that would eventually evolve in unexpected and rewarding ways.

Mark’s journey took him through the hallowed halls of auditing, providing him with a solid foundation in the accounting profession. This experience equipped him with the skill set to assess businesses for valuation, a critical aspect in understanding their financial health and true worth. As Mark progressed in his career, he found himself lured by the potential for wealth creation in the world of real estate investments and property management, a path he embraced with vigor.

It was through the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki’s renowned book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” that Mark’s perspective on financial freedom shifted. He seized the opportunity to explore the world of real estate and eventually built a thriving real estate business boasting assets valued at a staggering $15 million. This bold leap into entrepreneurship allowed Mark to embrace not only the intricacies of property management but also the entrepreneurial spirit that drives success in this dynamic field.

Mark’s entrepreneurial journey came full circle as he returned to the realm of accounting, this time as the founder of a thriving bookkeeping business niched within the real estate industry.

Mark’s journey underscores several key takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs and accounting professionals. The importance of recognizing opportunities, being open to change, and having the courage to embrace an entrepreneurial journey cannot be understated. Mark’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the notion that calculated risks, while intimidating, often yield substantial rewards.

Mark Kappelman’s parting words of wisdom resonate deeply: “Give it a shot.” Whether one chooses to venture into the realm of private business ownership or opt for a more traditional accounting career, there will always be a demand for accounting professionals.

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About Our Guest: Mark Kappelman


Mark Kappelman is the co-founder of RealEstateAccounting.Co and a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of experience from his background in accounting, operations, and real estate. He’s spent seven years working in public accounting for top firms like PwC and Ernst & Young and has honed his financial acumen. But Mark doesn’t just talk the talk as he’s also walked the walk by building a personal real estate portfolio worth over $15 million and has a hands-on approach to real estate transactions. With degrees from Arizona State University and certifications as a CFA and CPA, he’s well equipped to tackle complex real estate financial topics with ease.


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