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Finding Balance and Success in Accounting w/ Leslie Liondas

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Overview: Finding Balance and Success in Accounting

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Leslie Liondas

In this engaging episode of ‘Building the Premier Accounting Firm,’ host Roger Knecht sits down with Leslie Liondas, the owner of Leslie Liondas CPA PLLC. Leslie’s remarkable journey from a single mother looking to reenter the workforce to the owner of a thriving accounting firm is nothing short of inspiring. She’s not only built a successful business but also prioritized her lifestyle by creating opportunities for extensive travel, fostering stronger client relationships, and nurturing her family.

Leslie emphasizes the importance of controlling imposter syndrome, a feeling that plagues many accountants, particularly when overwhelmed with the demands of their business. She suggests that to serve clients effectively, it’s crucial for accountants to first align their business with their own goals. Through her experiences and insights, she encourages fellow professionals to find a mentor or coach who can provide guidance and shortcuts in their journey, helping them avoid reinventing the wheel.

The conversation delves into Leslie’s deep sense of commitment to her children and the incredible lessons she’s passed on to them. She instilled the idea of pursuing one’s dreams without giving up, and her daughters have successfully pursued their own goals, showcasing the power of setting an example as a parent and business owner.

Leslie and Roger also discuss the joys of travel. Leslie shares her incredible road trips with her children, taking them to various destinations, including road trips from Texas to New York and San Diego. Her love for travel is apparent, and she’s now planning a two-week unplugged trip to Hawaii with her business partner, showing how she maintains a balance between work and personal life.

In conclusion, Leslie’s story highlights the possibilities within the accounting profession. She urges accountants, whether starting or well into their careers, to seek alignment and embrace change when necessary. To overcome feelings of overwhelm and control, it’s important to document, duplicate, and delegate. This inspiring conversation reminds listeners that they can shape their businesses to match their desired lifestyle, and they don’t have to go through the journey alone.

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About Our Guest: Leslie Liondas


Leslie Liondas is the owner of Leslie Liondas, CPA, PLLC where she helps other accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals get off the hamster wheel through our Business Evolution Systems, ClickUp Implementation and outsourced bookkeeping services. Her goal is to help her clients work towards their ideal business. She loves helping other accountants and bookkeepers enjoy their business again and NOT work all the damn time!


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