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Navigating Global Expansion & the Secrets of International Operations w/ Larry Harding

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Overview: Navigating Global Expansion & the Secrets of International Operations w/ Larry Harding

In this insightful podcast episode, Roger Knecht engages in a compelling conversation with Larry Harding, the Founder & CEO of HSP Group, a seasoned expert in global expansion and international operations. Throughout the episode, Larry shares his wealth of knowledge, offering valuable guidance to accounting professionals and business owners looking to navigate the complexities of international expansion.

Larry kicks off the discussion by highlighting the immense opportunity that global expansion presents for accounting professionals. He underscores the critical role accountants can play in guiding their clients through the intricacies of international business expansion by asking the right questions and providing informed advice.

Next, Larry delves into the essential questions accountants should ask clients who are contemplating international expansion. These questions include timing, location, the nature of the business opportunity, planned activities, banking solutions, future expansion prospects, and criteria for success. These inquiries serve as a foundation for a strategic and well-informed approach to global expansion.

The conversation shifts to key considerations that businesses must take into account when expanding internationally. Larry emphasizes the necessity of legal representation in establishing business entities and highlights the importance of understanding tax requirements, setting clear timelines and budgets, and determining when to expect a return on investment (ROI).

Larry underscores the significant value that accounting professionals bring to the table during the global expansion process. He emphasizes that accountants can provide substantial assistance to clients by asking insightful questions, offering guidance, and helping navigate the challenges inherent in international initiatives.

Larry and Roger also explore the challenges of managing expatriate employees working in foreign countries, touching on topics like work visas, income tax, and social tax liabilities. Larry emphasizes the need for accountants to be well-prepared to address these complexities when supporting clients in their international expansion efforts.

The episode concludes with Larry highlighting the significance of the global economy and the abundant opportunities it offers for small businesses. He encourages accounting professionals to help their clients make well-informed decisions as they venture into international markets, reinforcing the pivotal role accountants can play in clients’ global expansion initiatives.

This episode is your passport to a comprehensive and riveting guide on global expansion and international operations. Larry Harding’s expertise and the thought-provoking questions he shares are not just tools but keys to unlocking the vast potential of global business. Tune in to position yourself as an essential partner in your clients’ extraordinary global expansion journeys.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Larry Harding

About Our Guest: Larry Harding

Experienced CEO, CFO, CPA and Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of HSP Group, Inc. He focuses on the provision of software and consulting solutions for businesses dealing with the challenges of global expansion and international operations. Areas of expertise include International Business, Finance, Accounting, Consulting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Development, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Executive Leadership.


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