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Building a Virtual Accounting Business: Insights from Kate Josephine Johnson of Heritage Business Services

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Overview: Building a Virtual Accounting Business: Insights from Kate Josephine Johnson of Heritage Business Services

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Kate Josephine Johnson

Welcome to another engaging episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” with your host, Roger Knecht. In this episode, Roger sits down with Kate Josephine Johnson, the owner of Heritage Business Services, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping firm serving small businesses all over the United States. Kate has established herself as a trusted authority in the industry and furthermore, she also assists accounting professionals in creating fulfilling virtual accounting careers through her Bookkeeping Side Hustle Community.

In their captivating conversation, Roger and Kate delve into the factors that initially sparked her interest in the accounting field and they explore the driving force behind her decision to start a successful bookkeeping business. Kate also breaks down why video has become an indispensable tool for communication and marketing within the realm of virtual accounting, and shares how she has effectively harnessed its power to promote her own bookkeeping services.

Kate candidly shares the challenges she encountered as an accountapreneur as she and Roger clarify the distinction between bookkeeping and accounting. Roger also sheds light on the concept of fractional CFOs, providing valuable insights into how they differ from traditional bookkeeping and accounting roles.

Hustles and hobbies often intersect, and Kate and Roger delve into the differences between the two as they also discuss when a hobby evolves into a full-fledged job. In addition, Kate reveals her strategies for diversifying income streams within the accounting space, offering a wealth of inspiration to those seeking to expand their financial horizons.

Join us on this enlightening episode as Kate and Roger impart their wisdom and experiences, leaving you equipped with practical guidance for your accounting journey. Whether you’re an aspiring accountant, a seasoned bookkeeper, or an entrepreneurial spirit looking to thrive in the virtual accounting world, this podcast is your ultimate resource for building a premier accounting firm that stands above the rest.

About Our Guest: Kate Josephine Johnson

Kate Josephine Johnson owns Heritage Business Services, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping firm serving small business clients all over the United States.  She can also be found helping other accounting professionals build a virtual accounting career they love inside her Bookkeeping Side Hustle Community.

She is a very proud Texan, Baylor Bear, and Navy wife. Her hair fits her personality. She is a morning person. Big time. She gets more done before 7:00 am (when her kids are allowed out of their room) than some people get done all day long!

As far as credentials go, she holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a BA in Economics from Baylor University.  In 2020 she was recognized as a Top 50 Women In Accounting.  She worked in corporate finance before opting to become a stay-at-home-mom for several years after her first child was born.


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