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Unveiling the Secrets of QuickBooks with Alicia Katz Pollock

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Overview: Unveiling the Secrets of QuickBooks with Alicia Katz Pollock

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Alicia Katz Pollock

Welcome to “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” with your host, Roger Knecht. In this captivating episode, Roger sits down with Alicia Katz Pollock, a distinguished QuickBooks Online expert, coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Alicia’s journey into the world of accounting began with her fascination for QuickBooks. She shares the story of what sparked her interest and how it led her to establish her thriving online learning business, Royalwise.

Alicia also talks about how Social Media was key in attracting some of her biggest clients in the early days of QuickBooks Online. She discusses why business owners often choose to outsource bookkeepers instead of learning QuickBooks themselves, and why it is important to train employees on this powerful accounting tool. She also sheds light on her unique approach to training, catering to different learning styles to ensure maximum comprehension and proficiency.

Curious about the differences between QuickBooks desktop and online? Alicia breaks it down for you, sharing why some users still prefer the older desktop version and the advantages of transitioning to QuickBooks Online. Stay ahead of the game as Alicia provides a sneak peek into the exciting updates coming to QuickBooks Online.

As the conversation unfolds, Roger and Alicia touch on intriguing topics such as the relationship between QuickBooks and bookkeepers, dispelling any concerns of professional insecurity. They explore the potential impact of AI on the accounting profession, offering valuable insights into how this technology might shape the future.

Unlock a treasure trove of QuickBooks tips and tricks that will elevate your accounting skills. Alicia generously shares her knowledge, ensuring that you’re well-equipped to streamline your processes and achieve greater efficiency. Discover the least utilized features in QuickBooks and understand why exploring and experimenting with them can lead to enhanced productivity.

Accounting conferences play a vital role in professional growth, and Alicia highlights their value. Gain invaluable advice on how accountants can make the most of these events and leverage vendor relationships to their advantage.

Closing the episode, Alicia imparts her wisdom and guidance to business owners, offering valuable advice that will help them navigate the complex world of accounting.

Tune in to “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” as Roger Knecht and Alicia Katz Pollock dive deep into these fascinating topics and more. Expand your knowledge, gain practical insights, and unlock the potential to take your accounting firm or business to new heights.

About Our Guest: Alicia Katz Pollock


Alicia Katz Pollock is the QBO Rock Star at As a Top 10 ProAdvisor and a member of the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, Alicia has five QuickBooks books on Amazon, leads weekly training webinars, and runs a QBO Coaching program. She is a top-rated speaker at QuickBooks Connect, and Scaling New Heights, and will be joining us at GrowCon 2023. With a  Masters of Arts in Teaching, 30+ years of tech industry experience, and a mile-long list of professional certifications, Alicia expertly blends deep subject matter expertise and patient guidance to provide an easy and fun online learning environment.


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