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Asking Questions For Better Communication With Your Clients w/ Will Hill

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Overview: Asking Questions For Better Communication With Your Clients w/ Will Hill

On this week’s episode, Roger has a chat with Will Hill; financial services consultant, CEO and founder of Will Hill Consultants LLC on various topics.


They talk about how accountants can communicate effectively with clients, client retention as well as how to build and maintain client relationships.


Will also explains the differences between Accounting and Advisory services as he also goes deep into what CFO services are. He also talks about how accountants can offer more value to clients by creating bundled offers.


Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center


Guest Name: William Hill

About Our Guest: Will Hill

Will is the founder and owner of Will Hill Consults, LLC; a coaching and consulting firm serving the tax and accounting profession – which Will has been serving since 2001.

Through his 20+ years in the profession, Will has taught countless classes on firm management, change management, and advisory services. His travels to implement software and perform business workflow consulting have taken him to over 400 firm offices to work directly with firm owners and their team members.

Known for his combination of creativity and practicality, Will brings his passion to each article, webinar, podcast or coaching engagement he embarks upon. In 2021 Will was named by Accounting Today in their “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting” list. Will has also twice been recognized by the CPA Practice Advisor in the “Under 40” lists (sadly, no longer eligible for any ‘Under 40’ awards).



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