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This is a conversation that everyone will be able to relate to.  Roger and Melissa keep it professional but will also make this personal.  We each have destructive stigmas that we deal with that hold us back, especially when it comes to money.  In fact, everyone has a unique money story.

As accounting professionals are we inspiring and empowering our clients to be financially successful?

It’s not enough that we provide, we also need to be willing to teach business owners, CEO’s their numbers in business so they can create more profit in their business.

Ask yourself this, what are the similarities that exist between therapy and coaching?

They’ll also discuss how we can and should go ALL IN with our company and work ON our business.

Oh, and they’ll also discuss money “mismanagement” and the hole that it can become.  Just because we’re accountants doesn’t necessarily mean we are perfect, great, or even good with our own money management, or should it?

Have you at times felt like you are living with the imposter syndrome as an accountant?

Sit back and enjoy this next conversation.


Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center


Guest Name: Melissa Houston

Melissa Houston is the founder of The Fractional CFO Agency, a columnist at, and the host of The Business Society podcast. A licensed Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), she’s a Financial Strategist for CEOs and she helps successful business owners increase their profit margins without having to increase revenue so that they keep more money in their pocket while increasing their personal wealth.

Melissa’s seen the bottom and climbed her way back up, she personally and financially bounced back from concealing $100k in personal debt from her husband. She shares her story to remind people that your mistakes don’t define you, and as humans, we all make mistakes and can recover from them. Now she uses that to teach entrepreneurs to become financially literate in order to create profit in their businesses.

She has over 20 years of business experience with large and small corporations, government, and not-for-profit industries while specializing in Internal Controls, corporate accounting, budgets, financial reporting, corporate & personal tax, audit, and SR&ED. Melissa enjoys helping business owners build their businesses by increasing

their financial management skills. Your numbers are telling you a story – make sure you are listening to it.

Melissa’s passion is helping business owners go from 6-figure to 7-figure businesses and achieve their personal financial dreams. When Melissa isn’t helping entrepreneurs become better CEO’s of their business, she can be found at the cottage with her husband Jamie, two teen children, and three dogs.



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