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From Mom to Enrolled Agent w/ Jenny Beynon

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Overview: From Mom To Enrolled Agent w/ Jenny Beynon 


If you’re going to take a class, why not go all the way?

This is a great conversation that Jenny and Roger have, one that many of us do as we consider how we see ourselves.  In so many words it is our mindset.  When do we go from doing a job to being a professional?  What does it really mean to refer to yourself as an accountant versus someone doing accounting or a tax preparer to an Enrolled Agent, a Professional Tax Preparer.

Listen as Jenny shares the shift from being risk-averse to becoming an accountrepreneur.  She also discusses the change that comes when you go from bringing in a supplemental income to the primary income in the household.

Topics covered also include:

  • Running the business as an introvert
  • Generating leads and managing them through to becoming clients/customers
  • Listening to clients, when they feel heard they feel important
  • Happy clients are loyal clients – to build your business you need to make them happy

Enjoy this great episode to help you build the premier accounting firm in your area.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Jenny Beynon


About Our Guest: Jenny Beynon


Jenny has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and more than a decade of experience as a tax preparer and accountant. She is an active Enrolled Agent, which means that she is unrestricted in which taxpayers she can represent before the IRS. As a trained tax strategist, Jenny helps small business owners and individuals keep more of their hard-earned money. Her personal experience as a business owner gives Jenny a unique perspective on the challenges that many businesses face. She lives in Riverton, Utah with her husband and the youngest two of five children. Jenny likes to throw herself into whatever project she is working on, whether that is finding the best way to help her clients save money on their taxes or refinishing furniture in her downtime. She puts her all into her work.

Paramount is a professional tax and accounting firm that utilizes licensed professionals to provide valuable tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses. Paramount Tax and Accounting was first opened in Utah in 2008. As the business grew, the founder of the company needed help managing his workload. Jenny was the first preparer he hired to help manage the tax prep load. She then moved from tax prep into administrative accounting and bookkeeping. Several years later after experiencing exponential growth, the owners of Paramount Tax and Accounting decided to franchise the business to allow others the opportunity to achieve success under the Paramount brand. In 2019 Jenny purchased Paramount Tax and Accounting – West Jordan. The first tax season open for business was the 2019 tax return season in 2020 which created many challenges and the need to pivot in offering online and hybrid tax preparation. Having made it through this challenging first year, the 2020 tax season was a relief. Learning to network with others in different fields and take advantage of the opportunities to have their help was instrumental for a successful 2nd tax season.


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