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Niching? How about Cannabis, CBD & Hemp? w/ Andrew Hunzicker

Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht

President of Universal Accounting Center

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Overview: Niching? How About Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp

After a successful career as a CPA, controller, and an exit from a business it was time for Andrew to move and start something new.  This was the time to become an entrepreneur.  It was a challenge being enrolled in the “school of hard knocks” but worth it.

With that said Andrew shares the best advice he ever got and how it changed his accounting business.  Today he is a force to be reckoned with in his industry of choice as an accounting professional.

Learn how these principles apply to you as you run your business and why you may want to also consider this new and growing industry in cannabis, CBD, hemp, and marijuana.  Are you ready for an adventure?

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Andrew Hunzicker

About Our Guest: Andrew Hunzicker


Andrew has over 30 years of experience in Accounting, Tax, as CFO and Founder of many multi-million dollar businesses, as well as the Big 4.  He is a seasoned professional within the industry for more than 5 years, and his goal is to help accounting professionals achieve balance in their daily lives, build thriving businesses, and cultivate the next generation of experts in this thriving industry.


Universal Accounting Center

  • Helping accounting professionals confidently and competently offer quality accounting services to get paid what they are worth.



Learn more about what you can do to niche in the Cannabis space. Speak with Andrew and found out what the next steps are: https://www.dopecfo.com/

  • Be sure to also follow him on Instagram: @dopecfo1

Be sure to also get a FREE copy of each of the two books all accounting professionals should use to offer trusted strategic advisory services and get paid what they are worth.  These are your must-have additions to every accountant’s library to provide the value clients look for today:

For Additional FREE Resources for accounting professionals check out this collection HERE!


Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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For more information on how you can apply these principles in your business please visit us at www.universalaccountingschool.com or call us at 801.265.3777

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