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A Healthy Relationship With Money w/ Greg Kesten

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Overview: A Healthy Relationship With Money

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Greg Kesten

When offering accounting services do we understand the opportunity we have to become a member of their board of experts?  What does that mean and who does it include?

How do the accounting principles we use in business also apply at home and vice versa?

Helping clients realize they can always manage their money better, personally and professionally.  There is a part we can play as accounting professionals that is more than compliance and financial reports.

Listen in as Roger and Greg Kesten consider what more we can do to help our clients.


About Our Guest: Greg Kesten

With 40 years of experience in financial coaching, planning, and counseling, Greg has helped individuals and couples understand what financial freedom is and how to attain it.  His formal education includes a B.A. in Communications from BYU and an M. Ed. in Guidance and Counseling from South Dakota State University.  Greg has taught as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Phoenix, and Salt Lake Community College.  He taught finance, business communication, and psychology courses.  He also taught Leadership Development Skills for seventeen years to Air Force Reserve personnel.  This included workshops on Financial Communication and Financial Planning.

He is the author of the book, “Financial Freedom – Finding What Works for You.”  Greg has been featured in numerous interviews on radio and TV throughout the country.

In addition to his Financial Coaching Practice, he is a certified coach in Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  Greg incorporates Covey’s core principles in helping clients establish healthy money habits.

Greg’s combination of formal education, life experience, and financial expertise, allows him to serve his clients with objectivity and reality-based strategies.

Greg lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and family.  He enjoys being an active member of his community.


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