A Revolutionary Approach to Learning the Accounting Model with Mark Robilliard

Either as a degreed accountant or business owner we each would benefit stopping for a moment to consider the big picture of business as it appears in the accounting model.

Listen as Mark shares his story of stumbling into the accounting profession, graduating and working as an accountant yet still struggling to understand the big picture and then BAAM, it changed.

Color Accounting is a unique yet simple way to learn and explain the accounting experience.  For accounting professionals it’s a refreshing perspective on something they do daily.  More importantly, for the non-accountant it’s a fun interactive experience to understand the applications of transactions within business.

Hear how Color Accounting came about and how it applies to you and the relationship you have with your business clients.  Let Color Accounting help you communicate the accounting information to your clients in a way they can then use the reports you provide it to make more informed business decisions.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Our Guest: Mark Robilliard, FCA

Mark Robilliard is Director of Education & Operations and Co-founder of Color Accounting International, an education and publishing firm headquartered in Washington DC.

He’s an Aussie who lives in the US and travels widely, leading seminars in financial statement and business acumen skills, for lawyers, bankers and businesspeople. Some of his teaching for senior execs is done in secret.

Quick facts:

He believes in working towards a financially conscious world.

Color Accounting International

What they do: Finance and business acumen workshops for non-financial people using a breakthrough graphical system.

The Mission: People are empowered to make wise decisions, collaborate effectively and amplify value – a financially conscious world.

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Universal Accounting Center

 Color Accounting International is a publishing company, a licensing company and education provider.  They’ve developed and distribute the Color Accounting® learning system. They work with a network of accredited Partners and different languages around the world.

They are a social enterprise, with a dual social-impact and commercial motive.  They advocate accounting as a fundamental form of literacy, like Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Accounting literacy has the power to improve lives, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and governments.

The Color Accounting Network includes:


Enroll today in Color Accounting, take the course for yourself and then introduce your clients to it.  See how this can improve your working relationship, client communication and then generate referral for you.

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Color Accounting” and “Color Comes Alive

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Remember this, Accounting Success IS Universal.

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