Coaching owners of small to medium size accounting businesses to:

* Find & Work With Their Ideal Clients

* Get Paid What They Are Worth

* Increase Efficiencies & Profits.

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Understand Accounting

It’s the language of business

Offer premier accounting services

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Increase Revenue

Increased Sales (revenue) following “Cut to the Chase” & B.A.N.K. principles

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Improve Profits

Putting Profit First using the principles found in the books: “in the Black”, “Red to Black” & “Profit First”

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Building Value

Building the value of the company based on the 8 drivers of business.


“in the BLACK”

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Learn the 9 principles to make your business profitable

“Famous or Rich”

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The 10/40 rule and how it can jack up your take from the sale of your business

Built To Sell

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It’s time to work ON your business!


Are You Personally Ready To Sell?

Beginning with the “end in mind”.

“Red to BLACK”

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Turnkey Engagement for Accounting Professionals

“Profit First”

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Eradicating Entrepreneurial Poverty

The Turnkey Business Plan

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Let’s Talk

FREE one-on-one Coaching Session

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

Business Success is Universal

Helping Business Owners To:

  • Engage & Manifest their roles as leaders
  • Understand Accounting
  • Increase Revenues (sales)
  • Improve Profits
  • Build Value
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Bo Burlingham, author and former editor at Inc. magazine wrote in his recent book “Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top” that he identified five key elements of a good exit:


  1. Owners feel that they have been treated fairly during the exit process and appropriately compensated.
  2. They have a sense of accomplishment.  They look back and know they have contributed something of value to the world.
  3. They are at peace with what happened to the other people who helped build the business.
  4. They discovered a new sense of purpose outside their business
  5. They company is going on without them and doing better than ever.


Building a business is like a journey, and like every journey is has a beginning, middle and end, ”  The end is not when you’ve build the business, its when you exit… In fact, the exit is a phase of the business similar to the startup phase, growth phase, mature phase, etc.

If it’s about Accounting, it’s Universal

We give individuals a turn-key process to START an accounting and/or tax firm with the competence and confidence to BUILD more profitable client portfolios.  We help them provide the quality of services that enable the accounting firm to be the best in the market.  As they excel in specific areas the practice will then deliver on the services offered to build a sold reputation with local businesses which will cause referrals to soon become a natural part of the marketing in short time.

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We also help individuals excel in their career withing the accounting profession either having the job they want or starting & building their own successful accounting firm offering such services as (Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax, Business Consulting)

We help individuals enhance their careers in accounting and tax so they can receive the promotions that they deserve and earn what they are worth. Universal Accounting® believes that the role of accounting is a proactive one. Our programs are specifically designed to provide the structure and support to become not just an accounting professional, but to be a Profit & Growth Expert.

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