Certify Your Skills

We help individuals enhance their careers in accounting and tax so that they can receive the promotions that they deserve and earn what they are worth. Universal Accounting® believes that the role of accounting is a proactive one. Our programs are specifically designed to provide the structure and support to become not just an accounting professional, but to be a Profit & Growth Expert.


Color Accounting, CA

A revolutionary new way of quickly and easily understanding financial information in a brilliant self-study format.  You will use diagrams and logical colors to see and experience graphically how accounting actually works. And yes, it is REAL accounting. In this self-study version Mark Robilliard said it best – “All the best attributes of the acclaimed classroom-based workshop, but in the convenience of your own time.”


Professional Bookkeeper, PB

Proficient in the day-to-day application of accounting processes in small business


QuickBooks Specialist, QS

Certified in the proper use of QuickBooks as a Professional Bookkeeper


Professional Tax Preparer, PTP

To show expertise in the preparation of both business and personal tax returns


Profit First Professional, PFP

Learn the tools, techniques and strategies as a Profit First Professional to find for the client the profits they deserve to have running their business.  In the process we will train you how to market your services to get clients, what to do with your clients to achieve the desired results and get paid what you are worth.


Value Builder Provider, VB

Trained to coach and advise business owners in the specific processes and procedures to increase the profits and the value of the business.to increase the worth as a Profit & Growth Expert