A Turn-Key System To

Get 3-5 Bookkeeping (or 70-80 Tax) Clients Every Month

Without Wasting Time or Spending a Fortune on Marketing

Chris Forsey is a nationally recognized expert in digital marketing and automation.

"Be in business for yourself but not by yourself"

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Discover how to get the accounting & tax clients you deserve by leveraging your online presence using proven automated processes.

In this training

You will learn these 3 secrets


How to use a voucher funnel & automation to get new clients quickly, easily and without high pressure selling.


How to create your funnel and automation in less than 15 minutes even if you have no technical abilities at all.


How to get the right people to come to your funnel in less than 30 minutes and for only $5 per day.


I'm Roger, President of Universal Accounting Center.
I would love to share my acquired knowledge through years of experience and help Accounting & Bookkeeping Professionals Launch, Manage, and Build a Profitable Bookkeeping Business.

In order to reach your goals, launch & grow your online business, I help you assess where you are now compared to where you want to be and establish a practical action plan.

Are you one of the following?

Let us help you get started here at Universal Accounting Center. I would love to hear from you.

These are the same 3 secrets I used to
build a 500k business in 4 months!

-Chris Forsey

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Be in Business for yourself but not by yourself with Universal

Universal Accounting®'s training programs specialize in small business accounting so you can take advantage of this valuable niche market in tax.

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