Build Value

We take businesses from red to black using a proven system focused on:

Building the value of business based on the 8 drivers of business value. To often a business works to make a profit while still not building value in the company. Whether it is for retirement, to secure funds, to sell, etc. the value of the business is as important as the profits.  We work to insure the business is treated like it should be, an assets.


Grow Your Bookkeeping Business Without Choking On It – There’s a Formula for Success in Business


Your Value Builder Score is calculated through an analysis of your business ́s performance on eight factors that drive the value of your business. Along with your score, you will see a result on all eight of the value drivers and the average score for each among companies in your industry.


Do you want to increase the value of your business? Following this proven process we help you implement proven processes and procedures within your business to increase its value profits.

As certified Value Builder providers we insure you implement the key elements in your business. It is with your coaches you will go from working IN the business to working ON it.  What can you expect for you and your business (Click Here For More Details)

Business Development Training/Coaching

Retreat Facilitation

Succession Planning

Strategic Planning

Client Team Training

Executive Roundtables

Executive Coaching

Marketing Consulting

Exit Strategy

We are committed to providing the highest quality of Business Advice & Coaching in a market whether the economy for your industry is sluggish and slowing, it appearing sluggish or real growth is projected into the future. Either way, many companies are facing major challenges in achieving healthy growth and profitability. Our Value-Growth coaching approach is geared to helping businesses identify and exploit opportunities which will lead to increased revenues, profitability and marketability.

We coach our clients to apply and implement specific proven strategies and tools that will develop their business to its maximum value. Like a house or any other property you own, your business is an asset. Whether you want to sell the business or grow its value for future generations, a sale at some point, etc. we coach you on how to achieve the maximum market potential and selling price.

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