Build Your Business

We take businesses from red to black using a proven system focused on:

Accounting- it’s the language of business

  • Too often accounting is thought of as a once a year event, tax preparation.
  • Proper accounting enables a business to make informed business decisions.
  • Done correctly, accounting is not a necessary evil (liability) but key to the success in business (an asset)
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Increased Sales (revenue) following “Cut to the Chase” principles.

  • Either a business is growing or dying. There are proven steps to enhance the sales process. Using the principles found in “Cut to the Chase” revenues will increase within the business
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Improved profits using the principles found “in the Black” & “Red to Black”


There is a proven system to use in business to insure not only success but also profits. Implementing these principles within your company and benchmarking it gives us a clear path to follow.

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Building the value of business based on the 8 drivers of business value

To often a business works to make a profit while still not building value in the company. Whether it is for retirement, to secure funds, to sell, etc. the value of the business is as important as the profits.  We work to insure the business is treated like it should be, an assets.

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Your Engagement with UAC

As we work with you to improve the value of your business this is what you can expect.  We will each month teach you a new strategy, process or procedure needed to increase the actual value of your business, increase your bottom line profits, clarity for the direction of the business in the coming years (1, 3 and 5 year plans) as well as creating an enhanced company culture.

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Universal Accounting is committed to helping business owners and company presidents:

  • Understand Accounting
  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve Profits
  • Build Value in the business

For updates, events and inspirational thoughts follow us on our Facebook fanpage for business owners and presidents as we focus on building value in the business