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Balancing Business Dreams with Family Reality w/ Roxanne Thayne

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On this week’s episode of the Building the Premier Accounting Firm podcast, host Roger Knecht interviews a special guest Roxanne Thayne, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Trustyy, a mobile app designed to help parents build stronger relationships with their teens.

Roger and Roxanne have an in-depth discussion about the challenges family obligations and relationships can create when trying to grow an accounting practice or any type of entrepreneurial venture. Drawing from her experience helping launch and handle marketing for a family business providing in-home therapy services, Roxanne shares advice on maintaining work-life balance, keeping communication open between spouses, and preventing tensions from derailing business goals or personal relationships.

They also talk about handling the stress and risk that comes with having “all your eggs in one basket” in a shared family business. Roxanne emphasizes the importance of making the family the first priority while still moving the business forward. Additionally they discuss how to focus on fostering trust and unity between spouses managing a business together and teaching entrepreneurial skills as well as resilience to children who are raised observing the ups and downs of business ownership firsthand.

They address the value of proactively and how it can help solve potential issues in the spouse/partner relationship before they trickle down and negatively impact the business. Roxanne advocates for getting premarital counseling and advice to set up future family ventures for success from the start.

The discussion ultimately emphasizes that while no career success can ever compensate for failure at home, with open and ongoing communication, mutual understanding between spouses, and intentionality in nurturing family relationships, families can thrive while partners build something meaningful together through a shared business.

This thought-provoking conversation is a must-listen for anyone currently balancing growing an accounting firm or running a small business with the obligations of family life and relationships at home. Subscribe for more practical insights on strengthening both your company and your closest personal connections.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Roxanne Thayne

Roxanne Thayne met her husband Tim on the BYU Ballroom Dance Team, where they quickly and literally learned how to not step on each other’s toes. After she graduated in History and Secondary Education and helped Tim through his doctoral program, they raised five children. While in the midst of homeschooling and a busy family life, they began several businesses together, ranging from hog farms to working with troubled teens and their families. Fifteen years ago Roxanne was officially brought into the day-to-day business to just “do a little writing” and naturally became the marketing director and guardian of the brand. Today they are building Trustyy, an app for parents with a teen who struggles.


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As part of the conversation, we have for our listeners the opportunity to take advantage of the TRUSTYY APP.  The App to Help Parents and Teens Build Trust at Home.  Because parents and teens have never been busier or overwhelmed. The Trustyy app is the first designed to help parents build mutual trust, address issues competently and consistently, and strengthen their relationships with their teens.


Likewise, take a moment and receive free access to the Money Management and Couples Course that was discussed on the show.  This is a MUST-DO activity for parents, especially for those with teens, young adults, and newlyweds.  It’s also used by counselors, youth ministers, financial planners and more.  Take the time to see what you can do to live debt-free and have a healthy committed relationship.



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