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Elevating Your Accounting Practice: Strategies for Transforming Your Practice with Mark Kohler

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Overview: Elevating Your Accounting Practice: Strategies for Transforming Your Practice with Mark Kohler

In this captivating live video episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm,” your host Roger Knecht engages in a thought-provoking conversation with the esteemed Mark Kohler, a distinguished lawyer and tax advisory expert. As the Founding and Senior Partner at KKOS Lawyers, a prominent law firm specializing in tax, legal, wealth, estate, and asset protection planning, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the forefront.

In this episode, Roger and Mark delve into Mark’s unique dual journey as a lawyer and accountant, unveiling the pivotal moments that shaped his illustrious career.

Exploring the landscape of tax law, Mark Kohler dispels common myths and misconceptions surrounding tax lawyers. With his experience as a trailblazer, he provides invaluable advice on navigating the challenges of establishing a successful firm.

Drawing from his early experiences, Mark imparts invaluable lessons learned while setting up and growing his own business, offering guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. He also provides insights into the process of hiring the first set of employees and how he cultivates a harmonious team environment.

Mark talks about the contrast between niching and a broader approach, as he shares his candid views on why he chose not to confine himself to a single niche.

Diving deeper into the world of tax planning and preparation, Mark eloquently distinguishes between the two and underscores the importance of offering advisory services. He also addresses the reluctance among accountants and tax preparers to present new strategies to clients, offering practical strategies to overcome this hurdle.

A highlight of the episode is Mark’s breakdown of the “trifecta strategy” – an innovative approach that revolutionizes tax strategies. Mark articulates its significance and how it empowers professionals to navigate intricate tax landscapes effectively.

Mark breaks down the art of designing consultations tailored to individual client needs, and why fostering trust and enduring relationships with your clients is important.

Mark also delves into the factors that hinder accountants and offers strategic insights to rejuvenate practices and boost profitability.

Tune in to this illuminating episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” as Roger Knecht and Mark Kohler unravel the complexities of tax law, business strategy, and the path to building thriving client relationships. Whether you’re an aspiring accountant, seasoned professional, or simply intrigued by the world of finance, this episode promises to leave you informed and inspired.



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