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Mastering the ‘State of Being’: Michelle Quinonez’s Approach to Business and Success

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Overview: Mastering the ‘State of Being’: Michelle Quinonez’s Approach to Business and Success

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Michelle Quinonez

Join us for another enlightening episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” as your host, Roger Knecht, sits down with Accountapreneur, Michelle Quinonez for a captivating conversation. Michelle takes us on a journey through her incredible path in accounting and the establishment of her own successful business.

Discover the driving force behind Michelle’s unique approach to business—the ‘State of Being’ and explore how this profound mindset influences her decision-making and fuels her ambition to continuously push boundaries and redefine success.

Michelle talks about what financial transparency means to her and its significance in both her professional and personal life. Delve into the depths of Michelle’s experiences with financial transparency as she distinguishes its impact in various aspects of her life. Uncover the areas where it benefits her the most, opening doors to trust, authenticity, and stronger client relationships.

Michelle and Roger also talk about money—a subject that fascinates us all. Michelle shares her unique perspective on money and its role in her life. She explores the concept of an abundance mindset and how embracing it can transform our relationship with money and pave the way for financial success.

Roger and Michelle share their secrets to effectively communicating the value of CFO & Advisory services to their clients and strategies for helping clients understand and appreciate the worth of these services, in enabling them to make informed decisions that drive their businesses forward.

Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with a fresh perspective on accounting, entrepreneurship, and building your own premier accounting firm. Tune in to “Building the Premier Accounting Firm” and join Roger Knecht and Michelle Quinonez on this exhilarating podcast episode.

About Our Guest: Michelle Quinonez

Owner and founder of MR Books Advisory & Pocket Your Profit where Michelle offers Virtual CFO and Custom Accounting firm. MR Books Advisory exists to Empower business owners to own their financial success! Replacing confusion, stress, and uncertainty with Clarity, Freedom, and Control.

It’s your business. Your profit should come first.

This is not your typical CFO or Bookkeeping firm. I serve entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses, profitably.

Learn how to end the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Limiting Mindset. Solve the dead-end income problem by empowering your small business towards freedom and profitability. Pocket Your Profit provides a level of insight, education, and implementation that is focused on inspiring mutual financial success and growth.

Her philosophy and expertise maximize Money & Time through profit-focused cash management and scalable systems. This approach provides both businesses and business leaders with the keys to unlocking financial success and freedom.


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