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What the Future Holds for the Accounting Profession w/ Jesse Rubenfeld

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Overview: What the Future Holds for the Accounting Profession w/ Jesse Rubenfeld

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Jesse Rubenfeld, CPA

On this week’s episode of “Building the Premier Accounting Firm”, your host Roger Knecht sits down with Jesse Rubenfeld, founder of FinOptimal, a company that combines accounting and engineering to offer cost-efficient accounting services that utilize proprietary automation and onshore accountants, as they explore the intersection of accounting, technology, and the future of the accounting profession.

Jesse shares his journey into accounting, which began with a background in music. He then dives into the genesis of FinOptimal, sharing how his company helps clients find the best accountants using six key questions.

They also discuss the importance of accounting in business, and why it matters more than ever in today’s rapidly changing economy. Jesse and Roger discuss how the accounting profession is evolving and why some accountants still fear technology in this rapidly growing and fast-automated profession.

Jesse also discusses both the limitations of Quickbooks-integrated apps and the changing role of accountants in future businesses. He also provides valuable insights on the significance of finance automation and its impact on the future of the accounting profession.

About Our Guest: Jesse Rubenfeld

After growing up in Houston, Jesse Rubenfeld began his career in New York City at the Lime Group of companies doing the books for a variety of companies, gaining experience with non-profit, software industry, hedge fund, and management company accounting. After serving as LimeWire’s CFO for his last four years there, he joined the D. E. Shaw Group as the controller of the research division that builds supercomputers to revolutionize drug discovery. From the beginning, Jesse’s interest in technology led him to automate financial operations, first with spreadsheets, then Perl, and most recently Python. He founded FinOptimal to help QuickBooks Online-based businesses streamline their financial operations, optimizing value-per-dollar with an outsourced accounting service heavily focused on automation. Jesse has bachelor’s degrees from UPENN and Wharton, and an MBA from Columbia, and he lives in Houston with his wife and three children.

FinOptimal meets at the intersection of accounting and engineering to provide the most cost-efficient accounting services on the market. Our clients save up to four full-time finance hires compared to competitors and thousands each month by avoiding expensive accounting softwares.

That’s because we don’t just do your accounting, we optimize it using a unique blend of proprietary automation and onshore accountants. We make your accounting systems work with you, not against you. We know your favorite accounting tech tools inside out and how you can do more with them.

Imagine better data, increased visibility, and enhanced customization — all from the systems you’re using now. It’s time to take your accounting to the next level.


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