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E-Commerce & Tech Versus Accountants, Why It’s Time to Adapt w/ Tom Ruscitti

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Overview: E-Commerce & Tech Versus Accountants, Why It’s Time to Adapt w/ Tom Ruscitti

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Tom Ruscitti

The business world is ever-changing, and that means that the accounting industry must change with it. In this episode of Building the Premier Accounting Firm, your host Roger Knecht chats with technology expert and accountant, Tom Ruscitti about the importance of adapting to the e-commerce space and the automation of the accounting industry.

Tom Ruscitti has over 35 years of experience bringing solutions to the marketplace, and he shares his insights on why accountants should be taking up e-commerce clients, the challenges that accountants face when managing e-commerce platforms, and how to take advantage of community resources.

If you want to learn how to adapt in the evolving world of accounting, then this episode is for you.



About Our Guest: Tom Ruscitti

Tom Ruscitti has been bringing technology solutions to the marketplace for over 35 years, including roles with Met Life, MICROS, Aloha and Intuit.  He has been working within the Accountant/Bookkeeper ecosystem for 20 years and developed what is now the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program back in the early 2000’s while working at Intuit.



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