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Becoming Profitable Through Networking w/ Networking Guru Kameron Thorne

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Overview: Becoming Profitable Through Networking w/ Networking Guru Kameron Thorne

In this week’s episode, Roger Knecht interviews Business Networking Institute (BNI) Executive Director and business owner, Kameron Thorne about the power of networking.

They talk about how he got into the meth cleaning business, and how he transitioned from business coach to an executive at BNI.

Kameron talks about the intricacies of networking; how to network, networking versus marketing, the importance of referrals and much more.

He also shares his personal adventures from his meth cleaning business and talks about meeting Bigfoot.


Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Kameron Thorne


About Our Guest: Kameron Thorne

Kameron Thorne is the executive director of BNI Utah North Region, a 15-year member of BNI, and a BNI national trainer. He also owns a company called Apple Environment Meth Remover, which is a meth cleanup consulting and product company. He is originally from Utah and has been married to his wife Jennifer for over 30 years. They have four sons and one dog, an American bully named Yeti. In the past, he has also been the vice president of a large resort management company, the CEO of a franchise organization, and a business coach with Action Coach. His hobbies include traveling to wherever there are palm trees, reading, and attending live baseball games. Kameron recently met 21 native Alaskans that claimed they’ve seen Bigfoot during a meth cleanup process.



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