Building The Premier Accounting Firm

Nominated as a Top Accounting Podcast

Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht

President of Universal Accounting Center

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Although a few years in coming it is now a podcast to be proud of.


Thanks for the great team that we have that make this possible the “Build the Premier Accounting Firm” podcast is now getting noticed.


Among various success we have now been  Nominated as a Top Accounting Podcast by Welp Magazine



Check out the list of other nominees and see the great company we are in now.  Soon we expect to be a standard and go to podcast for accounting professionals.


Congratulations to the team here at Universal Accounting Center.


This podcast is dedicated to helping owners of accounting, bookkeeping, tax companies work ON their business.  Each week we address topics related to Market & Sales to grow the business with more clients.  To offering quality accounting services to help generate the most revenue per client.  And then production, including onboarding, client relations and retention to help the business 

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