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At Universal Accounting Center®, we coach small  accounting business by providing them turnkey solutions to build a successful business with the competence and confidence to gain more profitable client portfolios. With training and certifications in everything from bookkeeping, payroll, tax services, to business consulting, we can help you achieve your professional goals. With the help of our skilled team of coaches, you can borrow our expertise as you build your own.


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At Universal Accounting Center®, we help owners of small and medium-sized accounting firms by giving them all the tools needed to excel in their careers. Our online courses are tailored to help individuals start or grow their own businesses with the competence and confidence to gain more profitable client portfolios. Through our training and certifications, students will develop the skills necessary to run a highly-profitable business.

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Gain the skills to get paid what you're worth through our certified training courses

Get Certified

Whether you are considering entry-level opportunities, moving into management, or overseeing the books for a small business, Universal Accounting Center® is committed to giving you the skills, training, and certifications you need to get paid what you are worth.
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Start A Business

Kick-start your business today. Learn how to find new accounting clients with ease

Start A Business

With our proven turnkey solutions, we help you kick-start a profitable accounting firm. UAC gives you all of the tools and resources needed to succeed. From setting up your services to determining the growth and income you make, you will be in complete control of your business.
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Grow Your Business

Learn to retain clients, add valueable services, and work more efficiently and profitable

Grow Your Business

If you already have an established practice but struggle to attract higher-paying clients, let us help. Our value-building programs will help you gain new business. We instruct you on the best practices so that you can learn how to work more efficiently and profitably.
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Why People Choose Us

Since 1979, Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) has recognized the need for specialized training in small to medium-sized accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation businesses. To meet this demand, UAC has embraced the very best tools that guarantee success for any practice owner. We are a unique, online post-secondary school that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. UAC is responsible for helping thousands of individuals get the skills, experience, and credentials needed to advance their careers. With help and support from our team of experts, you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
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How we help you

Trainings and Certifications

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Color Accounting™

Color Accounting™ is designed to make it easier to learn the fundamentals of accounting. Through the use of diagrams and logical colors, you will see graphically how accounting actually works.

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Professional Bookkeeper™

The Professional Bookkeeper™ program is your first step to accelerate your accounting and bookkeeping career.

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Quickbook Specialist™

The Universal Accounting® QuickBooks™ training course is designed to teach anybody how to use QuickBooks™ . It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.


Professional Tax Preparer™

This program will teach you line by line how to complete individual and business returns so that you can prepare taxes on the side or start your own business.

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Profit & Growth Expert™

This proven system empowers you to offer consultative accounting services for your clients and serve as their Profit & Growth Expert™ .

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Profit First™ Professional

This certification is a must-have for those who consults with their clients. By following the process in Profit First™ Professional, you can be certain that you will help them make a profit.

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Value Builder™ Certified

Earn your Certified Value Builder™ designation and create a predictable recurring revenue stream for your firm.

Your Coaches

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Praises From Our Students

Across the nation, we are helping individuals cultivate the expertise necessary to build highly profitable accounting firms. We aren’t just teaching people accounting principles, we are giving them the tools necessary to unlock their own potential and give them life-changing freedom and flexibility in their careers
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Free Professional Recources

We believe that your success comes first. That’s why we have a variety of free resources available to you. Here you can find access to the tools you need to start your journey today.

"Red to Black"

This free e-book will instruct you in our turnkey solutions so you can take your clients from"Red to Black"


"In The Black"

Download your free e-book copy of "In The Black" and learn the nine principles to make your business profitable


"Profit First"

Transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money making machine using this free e-book


"Famous or Rich"

In this free PDF you will learn the 9 ways to prioritize your wealth, and corresponding action plan for each .

The Turnkey Business Plan

Instant and unlimited access to a free 4-part video course detailing how to run a profitable accounting firm


Subscribe to our weekly podcast so that you can stay up to date with our professional accounting tips


"8 Ways To Reinvent
Yourself In a Crisis"

In this free PDF, you will learn how to Emerge From a Crisis With a More Durable, Valuable Company.


Value Builder Score™

This questionnaire takes 13 minutes to complete after which you'll instantly receive your Value Builder Score



Your Detailed PREScore™ Assessment is a measure of your Personal Readiness to Exit your business

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Most Frequently Asked

Questions and Answers

To learn how professional certification could help you in your career and explore whether Universal Accounting®’s at-home learning model is right for you, please give us a call. A friendly and knowledgeable UAC advisor would be happy to help you explore your options and uncover the right training solution and business plan to suit you.
Alf Bostrom, the founder of UAC, created our school with you in mind. During his 35 years in accounting, Alf noticed a deficiency in the university and college training programs for small business owners. Universities tended to orient their instruction toward the needs of large corporations, ignoring the daily tasks critical to a small business owner. UAC aims to give accountants the tools to specifically help small businesses.
To be admitted to one of Universals’ programs, applicants must have a high school diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate, and be beyond the age of compulsory high school attendance, as prescribed by Utah law (see Rule 152-34-4(3) of the Utah Administrative Code). To register for one of Universal’s income tax preparation courses, the student must have completed the Professional Bookkeeper™ program, or obtain a favorable review through interviewing with a Universal instructor or administrator.
Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper™ Professional Tax Preparer™ and QuickBooks Specialist™ designations are recognized by employers worldwide as the gold standard in small business training. In addition, graduates of a Universal Accounting® program will be provided with a Graduation Certificate for each completed field of study. Universal will also provide a Letter of Recommendation regarding the skills you have learned.
1) Flexible Distance Learning – Universal Accounting® programs are delivered through rich and engaging training videos, so you can get the skills to advance your career in a way that fits your life and learning style. That means no commute, no strict schedule, and no campus fees. Lessons can be reviewed as needed so you can fit learning around work, family, and other responsibilities. 2) Accelerated Training – Get the skills you need to advance your career, without spending years or even months in school. This highly focused program was developed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed without unnecessary filler.  3) Career Support – As a UAC graduate, you’ll have the know-how to build your career and even start your own business – but you’re far from on your own. You can feel confident knowing you’re backed by experienced professionals who are happy to help, even long after you’ve finished your courses.
The tuition for each program varies and current promotions may apply. Tutions paid in full may be eligible for additional discounts. Student financing options are offered to all students with a simple down payment and recurring monthly payments for 12+ months. To determine which program(s) best meet your needs and know of any enrollment discounts please call 877-833-7909 or schedule a convenient time to speak now.
Yes, upon registration students are provided with workbooks and other classroom materials necessary to complete the course. The appropriate distance-learning instructional videos will be provided as well.
Yes, upon registration students are provided with workbooks and other classroom materials necessary to complete the course. The appropriate distance-learning instructional videos will be provided as well.
You’ll have lifetime access to continual resources and support from experienced accounting professionals – even after you finish and are working in the field.
Universal’s job placement assistance program consists of resume preparation, resume placement strategies and successful interviewing techniques. Graduates receiving the Professional Bookkeeper™ designation will be assigned a Personal Achievement Coach to assist them in their career pursuit. While we may provide job attainment information, we cannot make guarantees for employment.

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