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Balancing Mental Health & Accountability w/ Ted Paulsen

Roger Knecht

Roger Knecht

President of Universal Accounting Center

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It’s time we talk about us individually, as business owners, entrepreneurs, but also the personal side that we also need to acknowledge as we run the business and work with others.

Roger and Ted have an in-depth conversation that covers a variety of topics we all need to consider.  For example, as business owners, an Accountrepreneur, are we coping well with the related stresses?  What self-talk are we having on a daily basis?  What is our relationship with our ego?  Are we open to those around you that are ready to help?

When interacting with our peers, our employees do we create an environment of belonging that is welcoming to those around us.

How well do we hear what is being said, do we understand and practice Innate Listening?  Are we being present throughout the day to notice opportunities?

When we bring up Mental Health, is it taboo in our relationships either personal or professional?

Have you considered how to balance compassion and expectations?  Are we able to find the purpose and meaning in what we do?

Are we willing and able to become vulnerable and why it is relevant when working with people?

Employees, what happens when they are their own advocates and how do we perceive it?

What does it take to delegate and are we ready?  Do we really trust those we work with?

There’s a lot to discuss so sit back, enjoy and don’t forget to take some notes.

Your Host: Roger Knecht, president of Universal Accounting Center

Guest Name: Ted Paulsen


Ted B Paulsen is a team leadership development and business packaging consultant who currently serves as CEO of Lecticon Learning and Development. Lecticon provides employee onboarding technology and professional development support as well as leadership and emotional wellbeing training and employee mental health support under the Blunovus Care brand.


With his background as a corporate and securities attorney, beyond founding his own companies, one of which he took public, Ted has assisted business ventures raise hundreds of millions in capital.


Having raised 5 children who have grown into a family of 20 with the addition of in-laws and grandchildren, Ted’s family represents his greatest accomplishment. Ted is a “retired” athlete, having worked his shoulders and knees out of a real job. He now enjoys hiking, biking, and golfing.



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